Frequently Asked Questions

Paid Plan

What's the difference between the Trial/Free Plan and the Paid Plan?
litePIM's Trial Plan enables you to try litePIM out for free. The trial period lasts for two weeks and has certain limits imposed on creating and editing entries. With the Paid Plan those limits are removed and you may create, edit and delete and unlimited number of entries (subject to a fair-use principle).
What do you mean by "fair-use principle"?
Once you sign up for our Paid Plan, you are free to create as much content (notes, contacts, etc.) on litePIM as you want - as long as you do not consume an unreasonable proportion of site resources, such as creating thousands of new entries in a short amount of time, for example.


How does signing up to the paid plan work?
Just visit your account page while logged in and click on the "Pay With Credit Card" button. Submit your credit card information to get full access for your litePIM account for 6 months.
What happens after those 6 months?
Payment is not recurring, so there are no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises! Your account will simply be downgraded, but you will not lose any data.
Will I receive an invoice for my payment?
Invoice receipts are available on your account page after your payment.

Sign In Process

Why don't I need a password to access litePIMv3?
I wanted to make the sign in process as secure and simple to use as possible - across all platforms. Passwords are neither secure nor simple. They're hard to remember or easy to guess, everyone re-uses them (even though they know they shouldn't), and they're a pain to type on mobile.
So - how do I sign in?
When you sign in to litePIMv3, we will send you an email that contains a sign in link. Click on the link and you're signed in!
Isn't this much more insecure than password-based systems?
It is actually more secure. On other services, if someone guesses or cracks your password, you might not even notice for a long time. With litePIM's password-less sign in solution, you are automatically notified when someone tries to log in. Also, the sign-in link expires after a short time and can only be used once!


I love this theme. Who made it? Where is it from?
litePIMv3 uses the great AdminLTE Control Panel Template by Almsaeed Studio! Thank you for your outstanding work, Abdullah Almsaeed!